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 What do I need to understand before my flooring is installed? 

 Dear Interior Floors valued customer,

 First we want to thank-you for choosing Interior Floors to install your flooring.We will do   everything within our power to make this a most enjoyable and pleasant experience.

 We have been pleasing customers in the Sarasota area for over 40 years.You and Interior   Floors are now on the same team. It will take both of us working together to make this a great installation.They say that understanding is 99% of the battle. We hope to educate you as much as we possibly can so that you can foresee any roadblocks or hurdles that we can work through together and make this an enjoyable experience.

 Below are some points that we have found help customers understand the process better.

  1. Be sure to read the back of your contract. It is very lawyerish but it’s good info to know.

  2. We have also included a page that tells you how to prepare your house for your installation. Please take this seriously and prepare as much as you can. If the installers get there and the house is not ready it delays the whole process.

  3. Our installers are not robots, they’re people. People are not perfect. They will do the best job possible.

  4. Our installers arrive on the job at different times.If it’s an am start time, that could range anywhere from 9 to 11. Normally when the installer picks up the material at our warehouse we will give you a call. Then they should arrive about a half hour later.

  5. The installers are not paid hourly.They are paid per square foot or yard. The quicker  they can get in and get the work completed,the happier they are.
  6. Our installers work very hard.Their trade took a long time to learn and master.They will do the best they can but there may be hiccups. No job is ever perfect. If you see something that you don’t think is correct,let the installer know in a nice way.If he doesn’t respond like you would prefer, give us a call at the showroom. Our phone number is 941-358-5333. The more positive and pleasant your attitude is with the installer the smoother the job goes. No one likes to work for a grumpy,mean person.

  7. It is always amazing how if a person is installing the floor themselves they think it’s the greatest job ever, even when it’s not very good. However, if they are paying someone to install they become very critical and very,very, nitpicky.We want to do a great job and install a beautiful floor for you but nothing is ever perfect.

  8. The installer will have an invoice. When they are done and you have inspected the job and it is to your satisfaction, give them a check for the balance made payable to Interior Floors.

  9. We will work as quickly as possible but we are not magicians. We cannot do a two week job in a few days. 

  10. Remember we are on the same team. It is not you against us. We both must work together to insure a great installation. Your good attitude towards the installer will go a very long way.

  11.Our reputation is what has allowed us to weather the storm of the housing bubble and the economic crash of 09. We hope  that you will be very pleased by your experience with us and that you will in turn write a good review for us online. Word of mouth and referrals is all that we rely on. We do no advertising.
12.  When we schedule your job please do be flexible and understanding. If the job prior to yours is delayed by unforeseen extra work this may delay the start of your job accordingly.

   Thanks again for choosing Interior Floors for your flooring needs!
To help your floor covering installation go smoothly, here is a list of things that need to be done prior to the arrival of our installers:

1. The installers only move furniture, so furniture should be clear of all items such as lamps, nick knacks, books, pictures, etc.

2. Please remove all breakable items from drawers.

3. Closet floors should be cleared; also hanging clothing should be removed from the closet

.4. China cabinets, Curio cabinets and Entertainment centers should be emptied of all items including glass shelves.
5. Book shelves need to be emptied of all items and books. 
6. Computers, Stereos, VCRs, etc. must be disconnected and moved. 
7. Beds should be stripped of all linens and the floors below the beds need be cleared. 

8. Any furniture (beds, desks, etc.) requiring special tools to disassemble need to be taken apart prior to installation. 
9. All items removed should be placed in areas not being covered with new flooring.

10. Any pictures on the walls in hallways and areas where flooring will be carried in need to be removed, to prevent damage.
11. Any pets need to be contained out of the work areas for their safety.
12. The installer MUST be informed of any wiring located under the carpet or along the baseboard (stereos, alarms, etc.).
13. We will contain the dust on the job site with plastic and vacuums on the equipment. But some dust will occur, so any items that can't be cleaned or are hard to clean need to be moved.

14. We will NAIL down a few squeaks in your floor at no charge, but you must inform the installer prior to installing the flooring. Once the floor is installed, WE CAN'T FIX IT. We DON'T guarantee that we can fix all squeaky floor problems

15. It is recommended that you put a new filter on your AC system before the job starts and once a week for two weeks after the job is completed this will help with dust control

16. While the flooring is being nailed down you can be in the house but once the finishing starts the floors can't be walked on
17. We can only pull toilets, you will need a plumber to properly reset them.

18.We will move and put back your Refrigerator/Washer/Dryer as needed, but if the inner workings of the appliance fails or if the appliance can NOT be reconnected, you will need to hire a plumber or appliance person repair/reconnect the appliance. If we cant reset the appliance we will credit the amount we charged on your signed contract to move the appliance, not the bill from the plumber or appliance service person.
19. We do not cut, repair or readjust hanging doors. We will rehang them for you if they clear your new flooring.
How can I let other's know what a great job Interior Floors did for me?

There are numerous ways you can spread the word about your quality installation:

 1. Go to and search interior floors llc.On the right you will see us and you can leave a nice review if you have a  gmail account. If you don't have one yet, they will allow you to set one up.
 2. Go to and search for interior floors llc.They will then allow you to leave a good review.
 3. On this Interior Floors LLC webpage if you go to the main page you will see a facebook icon on the right side about half way down. Click on that and you will be able to leave a good review on our facebook page. 

 4. Ask your salesman to give you some of his cards and you can hand these out as people admire your beautiful floor. We do not advertise at all. All our work is done by word of mouth. Reputation is very important to us. It's hard to find a quality co. here in Fl. 
 We hope that you will pass the word along and let other's know how happy you were with our service. Thanks!!!